Ready for a health boost for you body?

Stressed and tired? This essential oil is energy-giving, uplifting and will heighten your patience. Helps with headaches and tense muscles.

Orange gives a good flow and can work wonders for emotions such as anger, which in turn can cause tense jaws, headaches and more. It is also good for depression and sadness.

Petit spruce is oil from orange leaves. Refreshing and mildly antiseptic on oily and impure skin, but also suitable for dry skin as the oil balances sebum production in both directions. Contraction, tightening up; may be helpful if you experience swelling.

Advantages with ENERGY
Stress reducing 
Helps release tensions like headaches and migraines.
Good for depression
Healing and anti septic for the skin

How to use
Mix 10 drops of essential oil with massage oil or body lotion. 
Be aware that essential oils are much more potent than regular oil, and should therefore always be mixed with a neutral oil.

Orange & Petit Spruce

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