Ready for a health boost for you body?

Too much work and having trouble sleeping? This essential oil has a calming effect which will help you focus as well as relieve pain.

Lavender is the "universal oil" which works wonders for muscle pain, headaches, cellulite, burns, damaged skin and so on. It also works great if you have trouble sleeping. It will help stabilize both your hearth and nervous system. Rosemary has a pain relieving quality when it comes to muscle- and nerve pain. It helps stimulate you if you experience physical and mental fatigue.

Advantages with RELAX
Can work well if you have high blood pressure
Helps with insomnia
Great against stress
Good for mental relaxation

How to use
Mix 10 drops of essential oil with massage oil or body lotion. 
Be aware that essential oils are much more potent than regular oil, and should therefore always be mixed with a neutral oil.

Lavender & Rosemary

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