Ready for a health boost for you body?

With collagen powder from NORDIC SUPERFOOD™ you give your body the best possible conditions for fewer wrinkles and stronger muscles, skin and hair.

Collagen is extremely important for the body's elasticity, and therefor it has a great impact on both the depth and amount of wrinkles you get. Even though it is nature's course, and we will get wrinkles the older we get, it is possible to slow down the process.

With Collagen Premium + from NORDIC SUPERFOOD™, your body will get an extra dose of collagen each day that you naturally lose with age. You will feel better in you body by taking the supplement, but it will also help with cellulite, stubborn wrinkles and fine lines.

How to use
It's recommended to use 1-2 tbsp (5-10g) daily the first month.
After that 1 tbsp a day.
The powder is flavour and smell neutral.
Use it in your smoothies, coffee or tea, or mix it with water.


100% natural marint micro hydrolyzed collagen from wild-caught fish (cod).

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