Ready for a health boost for you body?

NORDIC SUPERFOOD™ by MYRBERG is easy to use in your daily life, both at work and in your freetime.
"All people - kids, adults, teenagers, elderly and pregnant - need the possibility to taste the nordic nature in its purest form" says Linda Myrberg, Founder & CEO.

That is why NORDIC SUPERFOOD™ by MYRBERG was developed. So that everyone has a daily opportunity to taste the nordic nature in its purest form.
NORDIC SUPERFOOD™ by MYRBERG powder mixes are tasty and full of nutrition. They are made from 100 % wild, hand picked nordic berries and plants that have been raw food dried.

Super antioxidant mixture. Good for the blood circulation and has a good effect on elevated blod pressure.
It is rich in Vitamin C and E, potassium, and iron. High in dietary fiber content. 10 g (about two teaspoons) powder corresponds to about 100 g of fresh berries. 

How to use
It's recommended to use 1-2 tsp (5-10g) daily.
Use it on your breakfast, dinner or snack.
Perfect for smoothies, porridge or skyr.


100 % wild, handpicked nordic blueberries, aronia berries and black currants. No sugar and no additives.

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