Manduka eKO Mat spray Palmarosa

Hold din eKO måtte ren, frisk og velduftende med denne spray. Det er også vigtigt, for at opretholde måttens bedste funktion, grip og generelle vedligeholdelse, at du jævnligt rengør måtten med denne spray. 

Contains essential oils with natural germicidal and mood-enhancing properties
Certified Organic
24 cl


Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Cleaner – Recommended for all Manduka eKO Series Mats. Manduka’s Mat Restore is an organic cleaning solution with essential oils specially formulated to keep your yoga mat clean, disinfected and smelling fresh. It is biodegradable, phosphate free and does not contain alcohol or any other drying ingredient. Mat Restore contains vinegar to disinfect and restore color, citric acid to neutralize hard water, positively charged cationic surfactants to attract dirt, and essential oils with anti-microbial and therapeutic properties.




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