Manduka eKOLite 4 mm Midnight

Manduka eKOlite måtten er til dig, der søger det bedste grip. Uanset hvor svedig en træning du rammer, så sikrer denne måtte, at du står fast. Måtten har fantastisk komfort og støtte, og er samtidig miljøvenlig. Den er lavet af nedbrydeligt rågummi og er derfor med til at beskytte kloden. Brug den til yoga, pilates eller anden træning. 

eKOlite er din bedste ven under den svedige træning, og samtidig god for miljøsamvittigheden. 

Made from non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber 
99% latex free, and safe to use for most people with latex sensitivities
No PVC or toxic plasticizers
Length 180 cm
Thickness 4 mm
Weight 2 kg




To Clean All eKO series mats can be cleaned by wiping down the mat with Mandukas Natural Rubber Mat Wash. It is recommended that you DO NOT put your eKO mat in the washing machine, as it will encourage the material to break down. DO NOT soak or submerge in water and DO NOT use any type of soap for cleaning, as it will compromise the performance and integrity of the mat.

To Store Do not leave the mat exposed to direct sunlight. If wet, allow the mat to dry before rolling up.


Manduka’s renowned eKO mat offers an unparalleled grip to perform in the sweatiest of conditions. In addition to its superior grip, the mat provides exceptional comfort and performance. Manduka’s eKO mat is eco-friendly and made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber that cushions and supports your body while protecting the planet.



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